About Sabrina Seoul

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Business Development Manager for Kas Collection LLC,
Published Fashion Photographer, 
Published Author of See No Evil,
Fashion Consultant,
Public Speaker,
Creative Director for Sadorables.
Sabrina Seoul was born in the city of Seoul located in Korea. Her lifestyle is all about free expression, a sense of uniqueness and individualism. She challenges you to step outside of the box to free your mind, spirit and fashion sense.
Sabrina also offers model branding services and organizes high fashion photo shoots with one of a kind custom made Kas Collection designs and accessories to aspiring models or anyone looking to have some amazing images wearing pieces not sold in stores.
With her previous modeling experience, it has given her an eye for amazing images. Her second passion was photography but she now thinks of fashion and photography as one. Since the launch of her clothing lines Sabrina Seoul Designs, which she has now retired from to assist her husband KAS with his business KennyKas.com, and Sadorables SoSadorables.Etsy.Com, she has received an overwhelming response about her photography, marketing and advertising videos which she uses for her websites and social media platforms. With a diverse background of many talents she has extended her services now to the public. 
Fast forward, Congratulations to Sabrina! She has now teamed up with her husband Kenny Kas Flanagan and is now the Business Development Manager for Kas Collection LLC. 
Sabrina is also an author is the book See No Evil. Author Sabrina Seoul tells her story with her experiences she lived dealing with  Domestic Violence within See No Evil. See No Evil is a collaboration of stories, essays, poems of some of the survivors who made it to tell their story. Remember October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. We must all come together to help bring awareness and education to our sister's and brother's to let them know it does exist and they are not alone. Thank you to everyone who supports this, I am forever grateful.
To purchase See No Evil, in the header click SEE NO EVIL BOOK
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Sabrina Seoul Flanagan